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Except for its ancient architectural look and rusty iron sheets there is nothing to indicate that the Kisingiri house is 101 years old. It still looks magnificently beautiful, well painted in blue and white colours and it has no single crack. As one goes along the Kabaka Anjagala Road near the Supreme Court buildings, one notices a grand fairly massive storeyed house.

It was built in 1896 by Miller and Stanley who were reputable European masons/builders at the time for Kizito Kisingiri, who was one of the few wealthy men. He became Buganda’s Treasurer when Daudi Chwa was old enough to rule on his own.

 Kisingiri died in 1917 and was succeeded by his son Stanley Kisingiri. Stanley married Kabaka Muteesa’s sister, Princess Beatrice Muggale, who still stays in the house with some of her children and grandchildren. Stanley Kisingiri died in 1991.

The three stored house, was built with sun-dried mud bricks and stones. It has 70 rooms, some of which are 20 by 20 feet each (6.1×6.1 meters). Each of its two sitting rooms is big enough to make a complete normally sized house.

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