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Avrateq, a consultancy and project management company established by young graduates has worked with 8M Engineers to innovate an elegant window using the theme,”Modernisation of indigenous construction methods and utilisation of locally available materials and manpower”. Dan Businge of Avrateq, a graduate civil engineer from Uganda Christian University Mukono  with a unique skill of producing 3D and animations designed the windows out of papyrus and eucalyptus timber. This was under the pupilage of Eng. Hans JWB Mwesigwa the long-time civil engineer/project manager/publisher at 8M Construction Digest. The design was completed with the involvement of carpenters who partly provided technical advice but also learnt how to “read” and produce parts using 2D and 3D designs. The windows are suitable for tourism, homes and various office and commercial  buildings. 
For orders, contact Daniel Businge

Mob. 0780556943,

email – busingedaniel1@gmail.com

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